After The Brexit - The effects of Brexit for UK and Dutch entrepreneurs

Dear Entrepreneur,

It appeared to me that the entrepreneurs, or businesses in general, have taken little or no action with regard to business losses that will occur once the Brexit has come into effect.

Companies from The Netherlands export, directly or indirectly, around 40 billion euro annually to the UK and import for around 21 billion euro annually from the UK. In whatever form the Brexit will eventually be executed (hard or with an agreement) is in fact of no importance. It is a fact that the Brexit will cost the Dutch and UK business community considerable income. The negative effect of the Brexit for the Netherlands, being the 3rd most important trading partner of the UK (USA 1, Germany 2), will be about 1.2% of the Dutch GNP and for the UK and Ireland about 4% . The EU as a whole will lose around 1.5% in GDP as a result of Brexit.

S & P, Standard & Poor, have just “downgraded” the credit position of a large number of EU countries including: France and eight other Eurozone member states (Italy, Portugal, Cyprus, Spain, Austria, France, Malta, Slovakia, and Slovenia).

S & P makes the following comment: “Today’s rating actions are primarily driven by European policymakers in recent weeks to be able to fully address ongoing systemic stresses in the eurozone.” the measures taken by European leaders to date to compensate Brexit economically are considered inadequate.

Of course there is still a lot more subcutaneous in the EU that you should be worried about at the moment, but we will concentrate on the upcoming Brexit and try to maintain a possible continuation of your current business volume within the coming Brexit-UK-NL-EU relations. At this instance we only look at the possibilities from a sales and marketing point of view to maintain or possibly even improve the volume of business that your business currently has with the UK or Holland. Logistics, customs etc. are left out of the consideration here because there is currently no sensible information available concerning this discipline.

We are running out of time: on 29 March 2019 the British leave the EU and if you have not taken any action to compensate for coming Brexit losses, then you are simply late. Free movement of people, goods and services will no longer be taken for granted as of 29 March 2019. And if there are no accepted agreements, then EU law makes way for the international frameworks of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

In the event of a hard Brexit, the UK will break the existing ties with the EU. They step out of the internal market, customs union and leave the European Court of Justice. An expensive and time-consuming operation, but for the United Kingdom also the road to a migration policy without open borders, one of the most important considerations for the British to leave the EU.

This will have major consequences for Dutch and UK entrepreneurs and not only for those who do business directly with Holland and or the United Kingdom.

How can I help you lose by compensating the Brexit ?:

  • Evaluate your current business position with regard to the upcoming Brexit
  • What are your current interests in the UK/Holland or the EU
  • What will be the problems that you have to face from a sales and marketing point of view. What effects does the Brexit have on your cost price and what will your new sales prices have to be?
  • How can we immediately counter those problems and let them land as “softly” as possible without losing too much?
  • How can we possibly improve sales and marketing performance (longer term)? What are the options?

When you agree to the evaluation, you implement the options. The implementation of the options is continuously evaluated and adjusted if necessary.

Exploring where “new” markets, new opportunities, could be for your company.

For me, the “new” markets were always as close to my current business as possible so that I had to adjust production, products, logistics, etc. as little as possible because I deal with people and markets which were similar to my home market. It will surprise you how much you can still do near home.

It is to be expected that further reactions will also occur within the United Kingdom once the Brexit has become a reality and the consequences of the exit for UK and EU citizens and entrepreneurs are becoming clear. How united will the United Kingdom remain to be? The Scots were very happy with the EU…

In Holland a “subsidy” (a fee that actually does not deserve the name subsidy) is paid out to companies that want to be advised by third parties how and what to do regarding the Brexit. You could partly compensate me with that subsidy (max 2500 euros). I will help you to obtain that subsidy, but the subsidy, whether available or not, should not be a condition for you to take action re Brexit or not. When there are subsidies available for UK companies in the UK I will also assist UK companies obtaining these subsidies.

About myself:

I was an entrepreneur in the development, manufacture, sales and marketing of capital goods and, besides my international activities, I have been very active in business with the UK. My company factories, sales and marketing offices were, with headquarters and main manufacturing plants in Germany, the Netherlands, England, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, US and China. Later I sold to my business to an international conglomerate.

After The Brexit Effects of Hard Brexit Graph

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