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TRADELEADS.EU offers a form of Export Assistance to its Gold Members. TRADELEADS.EU Export Assistance is designed to help businesses find sales agents, distributors, or other variations in foreign presence, abroad.

TRADELEADS.EU will provide local expertise for those markets that you select and wish to expand into, conduct customized research and identify potential partners for your company abroad. TRADELEADS.EU can assist your company with entering the following markets: US, Canada, China, Japan, India (Asia in general), EU, Europe, Middle East, South America, Oceania (Australia, New Zealand) and Africa. The service is particularly meant to EU and UK companies that need to compensate anticipated income losses related to Brexit.

To receive Export Assistance Services, it is imperative that you register as a TRADELEADS.EU Gold Member here.

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The orange “Verified Sign” is related to the Companies Presentation section of this website. In this section you will see company information, products, services, contact information, and some marketing information such as the company’s current markets, export markets and those markets they would like to expand into. The company will indicate in what fields they would like to have support in, such as finding Sales Agents. Distributors, etc. From the company presentation you can place an instant inquiry and keep communicating with the company through your private messaging system.

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The green colored “Verified Sign” is related to the Trade Leads Section of this website. With a lead you can publish a purchase requirement that you may have, for instance “Wanted : Robusta Green Coffee Beans” followed by your product specification, quantity, delivery, payment terms, contact details etc. You will receive quotations from worldwide suppliers that read your inquiry.

What Is A Lead?
A lead is when a business or professional on our website is contacted by a visitor to our website. A lead is usually placed in the form of an inquiry. A lead equals additional business for our members. Since leads possess a high intrinsic value we centrally control all leads in our Leads and Matchmaking System. The visitor has indicated in his request from which companies he wants to receive a quotation, or other form of proposal, depending upon the content of his inquiry. Leads will be automatically distributed to the companies selected by the buyer/purchaser. We also distribute those leads to specific companies that we may find suitable as well. You can also request us to exclusively distribute certain lead types to only your company which will enhance for you to receive a purchase order. We also follow up with all companies that received the inquiry to make sure your lead is being developed into something potential. This will enable us to re-evaluate the value of each lead. Your account with us has its own Leads & Matchmaking Section in which you can continue to control the leads that you received and the follow up on these leads.
You can request to receive certain leads exclusively to your company here.

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We are searching for worldwide distributors and sales agents in a variety of disciplines. When you are a sales agent or distributor list your business here. You can also search our online openings for sales agents and distributors and see if there is an interesting opening for your business.

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